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Steps to Success: The Contractor Selection Process

Posted 07/22/2014 by Catherine King

Establishing a quality-based contractor-selection process is a necessary first step in forming a strong partnership between you and your security officer services provider. In a competitive environment, it is important to determine accurate comparisons between providers and thoroughly understand what you are receiving in return for your investment.

Security Patrol: Random Pattern, Well-Planned Strategy

Posted 07/15/2014 by Dave Silvey

Random and strategic make a good marriage for effective security patrol services. The pattern that security patrols employ should be varied and random; however, the approach and purpose should be strategic. Most organizations are concerned about their facility when it is unoccupied which is generally overnight and on the weekends.

Hotel Security: Preserving Hospitality While Protecting Guests

Posted 07/08/2014 by Bob Chartier

Business and recreational travelers demand safe and secure hotel accommodations and responsive and friendly customer service. How can hoteliers ensure that their property provides as secure an environment as possible, while maintaining friendly customer service?

Security Trends in Commercial Real Estate

Posted 07/01/2014 by Mike Coleman

The annual BOMA/Buildings conference and show is always an incredible opportunity for commercial real estate professionals to network, share best practices and immerse themselves in the latest trends and topics affecting this ever changing market.

Industry-Specific Security Programs: Breaking the Mold

Posted 06/24/2014 by Alan Stein

There are countless industries that utilize security officers to protect their employees, customers, assets and facilities. While the underlying reasons for contracting security might be similar, the nuances of vertical market-specific security programs couldn’t be more different.

Evolving Regulations Require a Steady Security Presence

Posted 06/17/2014 by Rich Michau

No one should take security for granted, particularly when it comes to critical infrastructure like chemical and petrochemical facilities. In the past, the major concern for these facilities had been accidents causing extensive damage and loss of life. Now, we also have the added risk of intentional acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks.

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