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A Recognized Security Industry Leader

Whether you’re securing an office building, chemical plant, college campus, bank, hospital, gated community or other facility, you’ll find AlliedBarton ready and trained to protect your people and property.

For more than 50 years, AlliedBarton’s professionalism, competence and commitment have differentiated us from our competitors. Clients trust us to deliver the highest quality standards every day, all day, at every location.

Get the right security solution for your company. Find your specific industry here or explore our vast selection of security resources that pertain to your needs.
Security Resource Center

Is Your Security Program Molded to Your Organization?

See how your program should be tailored to your needs
Contract or Inhouse Security

Contract or In-house Security?

Discover the benefits of contract security for health care facilities
Balancing Quality with Cost

Balancing Quality with Cost

Tips on procuring a quality security program
Campus Security

Are Your Students Safe On Campus?

7 secrets to selecting a college security provider
15000 Security Officers, 3000 Sites Protected, 215000 Training Courses Completed

Latest Blog Post

Thanking Those Who Protect

Security officers are a part of our everyday lives. We not only rely on their presence but we expect their presence. And as a seamless and anticipated part of today’s society, they can sometimes appear to blend into the background. However, security officers are not just part of the background – they are alert, aware and dedicated to maintaining safe and secure environments.
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