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College Campus Security

We Major in Higher Education Campus Security

No matter if your college or university is large or small; public or private; or located in an urban, suburban or rural setting; your primary security concern is making students, faculty, staff, visitors and parents feel welcome and safe. At the same time, you have a duty to keeping the campus operating, mitigating foreseeable risk and avoiding the damage that could occur to your brand and, potentially, your enrollment, if you don’t.

AlliedBarton understands these concerns through our many years of experience providing campus security officer services.  

The Right Campus Safety and Security Officers

Security officers are often the first face of your institution’s brand. It is important for security officers to have the skills and personalities that fit their job responsibilities. We developed AlliedBarton|GatewaySM to help us match job candidates to openings for which they’re best suited. For colleges and universities, we recruit friendly, approachable people who enjoy working with the public and are attentive to detail so they can carry out the tasks of their posts and patrols. That way, you can be sure that our security officers will represent your school positively every time they encounter a member of your community.  

Whether providing a visitor with directions, assisting a professor with an office lock-out, checking identification or patrolling a building, AlliedBarton security officers are helpful, enthusiastic and professional. Close monitoring and supervision by our responsive management teams ensures that security officers are well-trained, and that knowledge is practiced and reinforced for consistency every time. We also expect our security officers to be alert and observant so they become engaged in the activities of the campus. This vigilance enables them to recognize the routine from the unexpected, and always know how to respond.
Read more about our experience providing security services for colleges and universities.
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        Maureen Rush

        See How AlliedBarton Enhances the Campus Experience Every Day

        Maureen Rush, Vice President of Public Safety for The University of Pennsylvania, has partnered with AlliedBarton for more than 15 years. Security officers work in tandem with campus police to secure students, faculty and visitors.
        Glenn Rosenberg

        Glenn Rosenberg

        Vice President, Higher Education

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        Blog Post

        Balancing Resources: College Campus Security Challenges

        College campuses are statistically safer than the community at large and a major reason is the deployment of dedicated and highly visible security resources committed to keeping campuses safe. Campus security must find the right balance between creating an open and free environment and upholding the duty to protect people and property.
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