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Defense Security Services and Solutions

Securing Our Nation's Most Important Assets

As the largest American-owned and managed contract security services firm, AlliedBarton has a significant degree of experience providing exceptional service to the aerospace and defense industry, including to more than 60 facilities nationwide. The foundation of our industrial security expertise begins with our local support network of district offices backed by our national account resources and programs.

Our primary advantage as an American-owned security services firm is that we have the ability to support our National Industrial Security Program (NISP) customers without Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) issues. AlliedBarton is uniquely positioned to effectively and efficiently serve our NISP accounts without having to establish and maintain redundant infrastructures. We have immediate access to our local managers and more than 50,000 security officers to support the service and compliance requirements of this specialized industry.
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Security Tools

Worksheets, checklists and access to information that helps you to make informed decisions for your business or organization.
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Best Practices

Engaging the right security partner is critical for maintaining a secure environment and these best practice considerations will help you select the best-possible security officer services provider.
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From guides and brochures to checklists and fast facts, find the information here that affects your business or organization.
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Security Awareness Tips

Learn proactive steps you can take to enhance your safety in your home, your vehicle, on your computer and more.
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