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Security Resource Center

How to Hire a Security Guard Company
Best Practices

Military Hiring Success

Approximately 64 percent of organizations in the United States have hired veterans within the past 36 months. AlliedBarton is committed to hiring veterans, reservists, their families and caregivers, and promoting this important hiring practice.
Read more >

Security's Role in Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparation and planning is important in any facility. However, the need is heightened in commercial real estate because of the potential for large numbers of people to be involved. Read more >

Five Ways to Avoid High Security Officer Turnover

Does this scenario sound familiar? You relied on your security services provider to hire the best staff and ensure everyone received the right training. But a handful of them have already quit and moved onto the next company, leaving your facility’s security at risk.  Read more >

Hotel Security: Navigating Concerns and Identifying Solutions

The open environment fostered by hotels is welcoming to guests and visitors but, unfortunately, also creates vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Ensuring that all public spaces are continually monitored by staff and security personnel is crucial in maintaining a hospitable environment.  Read more >

Superior Security Selection: 8 Screening Differentiators

Everyone is best served when security officers are matched to the right job; managers are provided with employees who are willing and prepared to perform their specific responsibilities; and you have the best possible security staff Read more >

Be Prepared: The 7 Components of an Emergency Plan

If you have an emergency preparedness plan or are creating one, you are moving in the right direction. Being prepared can help minimize the loss of property and life. Read more >

Mitigate Risk and Maximize ROI: 6 Ways Your Security Provider Can Help

A customized security program can help turn risk mitigation into an actionable plan. Your security partner should work with you to develop a plan that accounts for your unique security challenges and helps to ensure the continuity and resiliency of your business. Read more >

Uniforms: Ask 5 Questions Now for an Easier Transition Later

You may be surprised to learn that specifying what you want in a security uniform up front can lead to more transparent pricing as well as prepare you for a smoother transition. Here are some questions to consider. Read more >

8 Steps to Selecting the Right Security Provider

Choosing the right contract security company can impact how your company is perceived and your bottom line. There are many providers to choose from and it is important to find one that best fits your needs. These steps will help ensure the company you select will be a long-time partner and resource. Read more >

Security in Assisted Living Environments - Do You Have the Right Solution?

Short and long-term healthcare centers, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living environments present unique security challenges. Are you getting a solution tailored to your needs and requirements?  Read more >
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Security Resource Center