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Security Resource Center

On Demand Webinars

Hostility Management in the Workplace and Beyond

This webinar provides take-and-use strategies for reducing and defusing verbal and physical hostility through a variety of verbal skills, spacing principles and safe escape responses. Read more >

Disaster Strikes. Are You Prepared?

Business preparedness is a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising and evaluation to ensure effective coordination to prevent, respond to and recover from natural or man-made disasters. Read more >

Engaging Stakeholders for a Safe and Secure Environment

Stakeholders may include executives, investors, employees, visitors, tenants or vendors, depending on the facility. It is critical to understand their needs, both known and unrecognized, to keep them feeling safe. Read more >

Security Services in a Sophisticated Labor Market: What's Your Priority - Cost or Quality?

security labor marketA fair wage equates to better quality, better training and better engagement. In this changing labor market, how can you guarantee your security partner is providing you with the highest-quality candidate? Read more >

Security & Business Continuity in Times of Civil Unrest

civil unrestHow knowledgeable are you in the dynamics of collective violence? Through this webinar, you will learn how to strategically plan for the unexpected such as the events in Ferguson, New York City, Hong Kong, Baltimore and cities around the world. Read more >

Understanding the Violent Mind

workplace violenceViolent situations occur in the workplace every day. This webinar will help you to understand the mindset of threatening people, decrease the likelihood of violent acts and implement comprehensive components of a workplace violence program. Read more >

What Guides Your Decision? Top 3 Strategies for Selecting the Right Security Provider for Your Needs

How to hire securityWhen evaluating proposals and choosing a security services provider during the RFP process, does your company follow best practices to strategically choose a provider that will best serve the needs of your organization? This webinar provides insight into what guides your decision.  Read more >

5 Contract Security Myths Debunked: Healthcare Security Success Revealed

Contracting security for hospitalsMore healthcare institutions are opting to outsource their physical security. Sometimes hesitantly, and with ill-informed notions. This webinar will debunk the top five contract security myths in healthcare: Read more >

Fuel Your Safety and Security Strategy: Utilizing Data and Metrics to Add Value to Your Business Plan

creating a security strategyData collection is an integral component to any safety and security program and provides security directors with proof points when talking with decision makers. As we look to the future of security, strategic intelligence is essential. Read more >

Emergency Preparedness for Infectious Disease

Begin continuity planning for illness now to reduce the impact of a viral outbreak on your business. You cannot wait for an outbreak to occur! Read more >
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Security Resource Center