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Security Resource Center

Workplace Safety and Security

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Workplace Safety and Security Require Diligence and Planning

For businesses of all sizes, knowing how to protect yourself, your property and your assets is crucial. This takes real awareness of planning and diligence to stay on task.

Safety in the Workplace

The key to a safe workplace is having effective safety and security policies in place and to communicate these policies to all employees.

For Example:

  • Require office visitors to be escorted or to wear identification.
  • Require delivery people to wait in the reception area and to make deliveries at that one location only.
  • Establish an emergency alert procedure for the receptionist to signal coworkers and security if an emergency arises.
  • Secure all keys, alarm codes, company information and equipment.
  • Always secure both personal as well as business checks.
  • Secure all cellular phones and laptop computers.
  • When entering your workplace prior to regular business hours, be certain that the door handle is locked from the outside and is latched securely behind you.
  • When using elevators, stand near the button panel. If someone in the elevator makes you feel uncomfortable, you can push the button for the next floor and get off to seek help.
  • Report any suspicious activity immediately.


Download the full workplace safety guide now.

Security Resource Center