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Your Security Program

Security Officer Uniforms

The Importance of a Professional Appearance

Your security officers are representatives of your brand. AlliedBarton ensures that our security officers maintain a neat and professional appearance when they represent you.

Professionally attired security officers command respect from the public while in uniform, and that confidence shines through in their interactions with your employees and visitors.

A professional appearance starts with the uniform. To help meet your needs, we've designed and developed several different uniform styles, including:
  • Military - For security programs that demand a high level of visibility and security presence to help deter crime, our military look is ideal.
  • Executive - For posts that require security officers to both welcome and protect, this uniform option provides a polished and professional appearance that represents enhanced customer service.
  • Business Casual - For a more active corporate look, this comfortable ensemble allows you to maintain a security identity in warm climates or environments that require high-activity patrols.

As part of developing your security plan, we invite you to take an active role in selecting the uniform your security officers will wear. No matter which style you choose for your site, AlliedBarton’s uniforms are designed to be stylish, authoritative, longlasting and easy to maintain. The result: Security officers who not only look great but are comfortable in their uniforms and project an air of authority and confidence.

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    How Does Your Security Program Look?

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      Making Superior Security Officers

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          Is Your Security Program Meeting Your Needs?

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            Balancing Quality with Cost

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