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Military Hiring Success

Approximately 64 percent of organizations in the United States have hired veterans within the past 36 months. AlliedBarton is committed to hiring veterans, reservists, their families and caregivers, and promoting this important hiring practice. Download file >

Commercial Real Estate Fast Facts

Whether it’s a suburban office park, a single tenant facility or a Central Business District high-rise, AlliedBarton provides commercial real estate security solutions to help ensure a safe and secure environment for tenants, visitors and staff. Download file >

Community Involvement: Not All Vendors Are Created Equal

Not all vendors are equal. Whether you are outsourcing for food, maintenance or security services, to make a solid decision in favor of one company over another, you have to go beyond what everyone offers and take stock in what truly sets a company apart from the rest. Download file >

Taking the Lead in Supplier Diversity

AlliedBarton is the leader in the security industry in the area of supplier diversity. We aim to be recognized as a best-in-class organization by advocates of diverse suppliers. Download file >

Layers of Protection: Developing Community Association Security

Security options and strategies are many – there are security officers, technology based systems, security minded landscape designs, and specialty lighting just to name a few. So, where does a community start?  Download file >

Improvement District Security

Our goal is to provide a safe environment and visible presence so improvement districts can meet their goals of encouraging commerce and projecting a professional image. Download file >

Financial Institutions Fast Facts

Whether your main security concern is controlling access, understanding risk and exposure, or safeguarding confidential customer information, AlliedBarton provides complete security solutions for the unique challenges financial institutions face. Download file >

Delivering Value Daily

See some of the ways AlliedBarton strives to deliver value daily to our clients. Download file >

AlliedBarton|Ambassador Program for Healthcare

When your healthcare facility requires a security operation with a special level of customer service, our innovative approach combines a superior security solution with Ambassadors specifically recruited, uniformed and trained to represent you. AlliedBarton|Ambassador® teams create an environment that is safe, engaging and inviting for patients, visitors and staff, and can be an integral part of your patient satisfaction initiatives. Download file >

The Security Officer of the Future

Security technology and personnel depend on each other. Humans serve better as a preventative security element, and adapt more easily to unexpected incidents. Electronics can be more discreet and can provide a better record. Ideally, the two should complement each other to make your security operations more efficient and effective. Download file >
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