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Security Resource Center

How Much Does Security Cost? Evaluation, Budgeting & Selection Tools

The information in this section was prepared to help you understand some of the issues to consider when contracting security officer services.

Guide to Contracting Security

Choosing the right security officer service provider is a decision that will significantly affect the safety and security of your organization. It is important to select a provider committed to the success of your security program and your unique organizational culture. Read more >

Sample RFP

The RFP process will help you establish specific performance standards appropriate for your organization, and to select the security officer service provider best suited to meet those standards. Read more >

How Much Does Security Cost? A Budget Tool

 In most cases, the cost of an outsourced security program initially seems comparable to an in-house budget. However, the additional protection provided by a contract provider, combined with the elimination of other hidden costs may actually serve to reduce your long-term expense. Read more >

Short-term Security Solutions Should be Flexible and Effective

Don’t sacrifice experience and efficiency simply because you have short-term security needs. Use this checklist to help vet prospective security providers. Read more >

Feedback Fosters Security Success

Is your security provider listening to you? Use this evaluation to help gauge if your security partner is taking every opportunity to listen to your concerns and assess your program. Read more >

Is Your Security Program Meeting Your Needs?

Evaluate your security program to determine if you are satisfied with the results. Read more >

Procuring a Quality Security Program

Careful vendor evaluation can provide the right balance between quality and cost. Learn how to secure your organization and enhance your brand with a quality security program that offers value. Read more >

Wage Tools

The most effective way to accurately compare pricing is to level the playing field during the contracting process is to specify wages. Our resources show you how to dig deeper in the review process to make an informed buying decision and improve the effectiveness of your end product. Read more >

Vendor Checklist

Review prospective companies closely to ensure security programs match your requirements. AlliedBarton has designed a checklist to help you compare one contractor to another Read more >

Contract vs. In-House Security

There has been a paradigm shift in the thinking of many corporations to “core competency” which involves outsourcing support functions not associated with a company’s core business. Read more >
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