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Orange County Security

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Emergency Preparedness and Infectious Disease

How far does your safety program reach? What scenarios are accounted for in your emergency preparedness planning? Have you Read More...
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Orange County Security Officer Solutions

Making the decision to partner with a contract security services provider not only affects your brand, but your personnel and your peace of mind.

At AlliedBarton, we understand what is at stake, as well as the security needs unique to Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Our reputation hinges on our ability to train, screen and select officers who will be a credit to your brand. We believe in empowering our people and being flexible to ensure we deliver the best security officers for you and your business’ needs. Learn more about the range of security programs AlliedBarton offers in the Orange County area.


Orange County

765 The City Drive S.,
Suite 105
Orange, CA 92868

Inland Empire

3120 Chicago Avenue,
Suite 190
Riverside, CA 92507

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